Daniela Rakotomamonjy

Daniela Rakotomamonjy is the founder and CEO of ACE, a group of companies that focus on agribusiness and renewable energy projects in Madagascar. ACE consists

Nomazulu Malandu

My name is Nomazulu and music is my passion. Life has taught me that dreams are personal and should be guarded jealously. I come from

Pauline Likongwe Mapisa

Pauline Likongwe Mapisa is a self-driven goal-getter who has managed to build a successful events company in Zimbabwe. To date, her company Wedding Gallery has

Greyson Chipote

Greyson Chipote is the author of the book ‘When Fathers go Missing’ and banker by profession. He is currently working on a documentary film titled

Annalisa Nyamweda

My name is Annalisa Nyamweda, and I am a baker based in Harare, Zimbabwe. As a young girl, I always thought I would grow up