My Story

Hello! My name is Grace, a mother of two married to a very tall, light and handsome dude :-). I am passionate about writing, a marketing professional by experience and also enjoy doing various arts and crafts in my spare time.

I am a naturally creative person and thrive on learning new things. Just FYI I created this website from scratch and have designed all the graphics on the website. I also run an online magazine named the Afrepreneur where I tell the success stories of African talent from across the globe. You can check out the website by clicking where it says The Afrepreneur on my main menu. Oh and just FYI I also created that website from scratch. It is amazing how much you can accomplish with a little hard work, research, commitment and dedication. Thanks to the internet, learning new things/acquiring new skills has never been this easy!

Gracecreative is a vision birthed with the desire to help individuals and organisations create eye-catching visuals, graphics, videos and content to help them sell their brand. When you bring together a good product/service, eye-catching visuals together with well-written content the chances of closing the sale through your advertising significantly increase; and that is my purpose. It’s not just about getting people excited but ensuring that the excitement leads to an increase in actual sales revenue!

So talk to me and let me help you to grow your brand. Please also take the time to like and follow me on my social media sites using the links on my home page. You can also subscribe to my blog so that you stay updated whenever I publish new posts.

God bless you and stay awesome!