Showcasing talented Africans who are making an impact in their respective field of specialization as they work their way up the ladder of success. My goal is to shine the spotlight on all African talent whether big or small. After all today’s small guy maybe tomorrow’s headline...

Unlock your Full Potential 

Knowing your purpose [the reason for your existence] is the key to unlocking your full potential. Without understanding WHY you exist, you will struggle to know WHAT to do with your life. Think of it this way, a spoon and a knife are both cutlery utensils, but each has its

Camelot Awaits Me

One of these days, I woke up feeling like giving up. I found myself overwhelmed with discouragement and started to question the sanity of thinking I can be more than this. The question “Who am I to dream so big?” stared me in the face like black mamba waiting to pounce on

Wambui Gachiri

Wambui Gachiri is a Kenyan cake designer and seasoned retail banker with fifteen years’ experience and currently serves as Regional Manager for one of the leading financial institutions in Kenya. Baking started as a hobby in 2011 which she eventually turned commercial in January 2018. A foodie by her confession, Wambui did training in culinary art...

Greyson Chipote

Greyson Chipote is the author of the book ‘When Fathers go Missing’ and banker by profession. He is currently working on a documentary film titled ‘Politics Without Paternity’ drawn from chapter four of his book. The film reveals the connection between ruthless political dictators and how their personal lives missed father figures... 

Grace Mavunga

Hello and welcome to my site. In May 2020 I launched my project of passion “The Afreprenuer” with the goal of shining the spotlight on all African talent in various fields. Often, it is the stories of ‘Big Guys’ who are at the peak of their careers that get the most attention, so I figured why not level the ground and include those who have embarked on their journey to success and slowly making strides towards the top.  After all its the ‘small guy’ of today who will be tomorrows main story...

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