As the sun sets on 2019…

I find myself once again contemplating why I failed to meet all my goals for the year once again. Unlike the previous years where I found comfort in justifying my failure with simple excuses today, I cannot bring myself to do so.
You see 2019, started like any other year with a promise of many great adventures. I was excited and confident that 2019 was my year to rise and soar like an eagle. I had my plans laid out and written down in a well-organized manner that they mirrored a perfect map to success. Yet, despite all that, most of my ideas remained on paper and never made it to life. Why? You might wonder, well, a trip to the nearest mirror gave me an honest answer.

I had dreams that remained in dreamland and never made it to reality land. While others were busy chasing after their dreams and bringing them to life, I was busy admiring them from my cloud of dreams. I fooled myself into believing that since I could see them from high above, I was making progress in life. I failed to comprehend the simple fact that until you get down and do the work, your dream will always remain that: a Dream.
I embraced excuses as a dear loved one day in and day out. Every night as I went to bed I busked, in the promise of tomorrow. I would hug my pillow and, smile thinking tomorrow I will do it, tomorrow is a good day to start. Yet tomorrow never came, only today was present for the 365 days of 2019. Today is all you and I will ever have. Chasing tomorrow is equivalent to chasing the wind and, yearning for yesterday is binding yourself to a life full of regrets.

Dear friends as I conclude 2019 I face the following realities once again;
* Dreams will always be dreams unless you do the work and make them a reality
* Every excuse you entertain will take you further and further from your dreams
* Do it today because today is all you will ever have at any given point in time
* A plan on paper is only as good as its execution
* You can think and talk about many great ideas, yet until implemented, they remain just a mere collection of exciting words

What will you do differently in 2020? What will you do better than before? Perhaps instead of counting the calendar by weekdays, you ought to start counting the days one by one. Be accountable for each day and make it count. After spending 8hours working for someone else, remember, to set apart time to work for yourself. Read, study, pray, write, create or design whatever it is you desire, do it.

This year lets make it our goal never to let the sunset without doing something that adds value to our lives every single day. So that when the sun sets on 2020 by Gods grace, we will be having a different conversation altogether.
I wish you a prosperous and blessed 2020 and remember to be grateful in everything!!!

I would love to here from you!

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