Catherine Jaramba

Popularly known as Cathejeyz, Catherine is a fashion entrepreneur, shoe designer and an IT expert by profession. She is the founder of Cathejeyz Closet, an online store that sells exclusive clothing based in South Africa. In October 2019 she launched her shoe line Cathejeyz known as ‘Glitz bottom’. The brand was birthed from her addiction to fashion and a desire to see women embracing their femininity in style. Each design has a unique personality and is crafted to make a statement.

Fashion has always been her obsession, which she decided to turn into a business. She says at some point, she had a huge collection of new shoes yet to be worn, among the collection were a few pairs that were a size bigger or smaller than she could fit. Inspired to declutter, she decided to sell off a few pairs, and after the first batch was finished, the orders kept coming in. Several pairs later, she decided to turn the idea into a full-fledged business, and today the rest is history. That decision paid off, and the Cathejeyz brand continues to soar. Her vision is to take the brand global and one day grace the International Fashion shows exhibiting her own designs.”

She is also an IT graduate from Rhodes University, South Africa and currently expanding her IT expertise working in the banking industry. In 2018 she co-founded TnC Solutions, an IT company which specialises in website designing, analytics and social media marketing. Her hope is to see more women pursuing IT as a career path because the world is changing, and technology continues to dominate, making it one of the significant drivers of economic development. The future is digital, and so more women need to rise and participate in shaping the future for generations to come.

In 2020 she was nominated as one of the best female personalities by Zimbabwe Achievers; an organisation that recognises the work being done by Zimbabweans in the diaspora. This was in recognition for her work after launching Glitz Bottoms and the performance of her business. She is also supporting Kudakwashe Home for disabled people in Zimbabwe; by assisting them with various basic necessities. The future is bright for this driven young woman, who continues to aim for the sky. She is not afraid to take up new challenges and is always on the lookout for new opportunities to grow and develop her business interests. In the pipeline, she has two upcoming projects she will be launching soon, so be on the lookout for them!

Website: | Twitter: cathejeyz | Instagram: cathejeyz | Snapchat: cathejeyz

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