Individual builder or a construction company, which is better?

by Fansen Nkomo

Advantages and disadvantages of using an individual builder or a construction company when building a house

The main advantage of using an individual builder is that it is generally cheaper compared to using a company. In addition, it is easy to replace an individual if performance is below expectations.
On the other hand, if the individual has family or personal problems, work can easily be interrupted. More so, the selected individual should be able to coordinate different activities, thus knowing what should come when since construction involves a number of interrelated disciplines. Furthermore, when dealing with an individual, one should be prepared to incur unexpected costs like equipment hire, and buying of tools some of which the client may not need when the project is completed.

Suppose one gets a good construction company, which considers reputation as important the main advantage is that the company can do the work on behalf of the client, that’s lifting the responsibility off the client’s shoulders. Thus matters like planning and coordination can be done by the company. This becomes important especially when the project is big or complex. Additionally, a company normally comes with own tools, equipment and the project team as such holding other things constant, the obligation of the client is limited to the amount quoted. Thus no surprise costs arising during construction. The challenge with dealing with a company, however, is that the costs can be higher than dealing with an individual.

In the final analysis, the decision on whether to engage an individual or a company depends among other factors, the size and complexity of the project, the time the client has to monitor the project and the budget.
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