Christine Mudavanhu: Real Estate Proffessional

Christine Mudavanhu is a real estate professional helping clients secure the property of their dreams. 

I am a real estate mogul in the making, wife and mother.  I studied marketing with the Chartered Institute of Marketers in Zimbabwe and completed my post-grad in South Africa with Rissik Business School. My goal at the time was to one day open an advertising Agency, but God had a better plan for me. Soon after, I applied for my first job at Mac Homes Real Estate, intending to test the waters in the real estate space, and fell in love with it. Property has become my speciality and I predominantly sell properties in the Northern suburbs of Harare. My role is to manage client portfolios and help them grow by identifying suitable investments that give a good return. Thus far, my marketing studies have proved to be an asset when it comes to navigating the industry and identifying new potential leads.

I have been in the industry for over a decade, and I am motivated by success; that is ensuring the closure of every sale while helping people find their ideal property of choice. The market in Zimbabwe is constantly changing because of the continuous shift in the political and economic environment. To stay ahead of the game, one must adjust and adapt to these changes through constant learning and studying of the market trends. The situation right now is a buyers market which means, buyers have greater bargaining power over suppliers. However, as an agent, my goal is always to deliver a win-win scenario for both parties. Striking that balance has proved to be essential when it comes to thriving in this space. Experience has also taught me the value of developing and maintaining good relationships with all stakeholders because, in business, it is easier to keep an existing customer than to acquire a new one. When customers are happy and satisfied with your service, they are more likely to refer more business your way.  Word of mouth from happy clients has definitely brought a lot of business my way.

To be successful in life, I believe you need to have mentors; people who have walked the same path before you who can help you avoid repeating the same mistakes they made. Such people will also stretch your knowledge as long as you are a willing student. My mentors have taught me a lot from both a personal and career perspective; they continue to push me to aim higher and dream big. At the moment, I am working on acquiring my real estate license via Reiz, and my vision is to eventually expand and be one of the leading women in property development.

I would love to here from you!

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