Girland Chibaya

Girland Chibaya is a retail executive by profession and the author of the book “Till Death Us Did Part – My Journey Through Grief” published

Ride the Storm

  There is a certain level of assurance that comes with familiarity. The idea that there might be more to explore beyond your current level

Wambui Gachiri

Wambui Gachiri is a Kenyan cake designer and seasoned retail banker with fifteen years’ experience and currently serves as Regional Manager for one of the

Albert B K Mapfumo

Albert B.K. Mapfumo is an entrepreneur and the visionary behind the online platform called ABK Mart which markets unique hand-crafted sculptures and artifacts made in

Minister of Whitelinen

Anesu Mhembere is a Zimbabwean Image Consultant and fashion stylist who operates under the Minister of White Linen brand. He specialises in helping his clients