Albert B K Mapfumo

Albert B.K. Mapfumo is an entrepreneur and the visionary behind the online platform called ABK Mart which markets unique hand-crafted sculptures and artifacts made in Zimbabwe. The vision behind the online store was to create a platform where Zimbabwean artists could gain access to a larger pool of potential buyers from all corners of the world.

To date, ABK Mart has managed to help over 25 artists sell their products across the borders of Zimbabwe. He is also the founder and sole author of The Day’s Word (TDW) devotional. TDW is a spiritual as well as a thought-provoking, inspirational, motivational, and practical tool that aims to enrich the lives of people from all walks of life. TDW launched in 2013 and now has thousands of recipients in more than fifty countries across five continents. Albert is a columnist for several online and print publications for various organisations including Testimonies Magazine & Leaders Lead Institute. A well-recognised motivational speaker, he has graced the stages of many universities and corporate gatherings across Zimbabwe. He is also a daily devotional presenter on Sport FM and a guest lecturer at The Star Leadership Academy founded by Dr Tsitsi Masiyiwa which is one of Africa’s most prominent leadership institutes.

He has written more than four hundred articles and readers enjoy his ability to draw lessons from the word of God and integrate it into everyday practical examples. He has an inherent ability to conceptualise principles for successful Christian living based on the Word of God and studying the lives of people that changed the world in diverse sectors throughout the centuries. In 2016 ‘Wakati Trust’ awarded him the Most Innovative Social Entrepreneur in Zimbabwe award in acknowledgement of the impact that TDW devotional continues to make in the lives of Zimbabwean women.

“Everyone is born with the potential to be remarkable; all that is needed is the right motivation and attitude.” 

His passion for writing started at a very young age, despite struggling with his handwriting as a student he held on to the dream of becoming a world-renowned author. The first breakthrough came when he won second place in a nationwide essay competition hosted by the National Museums and Monuments of Zimbabwe. Next was an essay competition hosted at the annual Zimbabwe Book Fair in which he came first place. He has never looked back and continues to use his God-given gift to inspire and change lives through words.

Albert believes that everyone is born with the potential to be remarkable; all that is needed is the right motivation and attitude, which is why personal development and holistic empowerment remain fundamental areas of focus for him. Albert is a born-again Christian serving under Bishop Tudor and Pastor Chichi Bismark of New Life Covenant Church and a member of the Africa Christian Business Fellowship (ACBF). He is happily married to Dr Stella Mapfumo, a medical doctor and public health specialist, practising in Harare, Zimbabwe.

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