Bridgette Nyahunzvi: Image Consultant

Bridgette Nyahunzvi is a certified image consultant helping corporate professionals & entrepreneurs dress for success by elevating their style and image.

Tell me about yourself, i.e., line of work, education, and career?
I am a certified Image Consultant and founder of Lush Consulting, an image consulting company. My mission is to inspire, educate, empower, and motivate my clients (corporate professionals & entrepreneurs) to elevate their image and style to achieve their life goals and become the best version of themselves inside & outside. I trained at Colourworks International Image Consultant Training Academy and, I am also a certified makeup artist from Lisof Fashion Academy. Before pursuing the Image industry, I worked in the Procurement and Supply industry. It is from this experience working in the corporate world that, decided to join the image industry.

What inspired you to pursue your line of work/business, and how much work did it take for you to get where you are now?
I have always loved dressing up and seeing everyone around me looking good as well. During my corporate days, I noticed that lots of people did not understand the art of dressing up. I would always get goosebumps when I saw people showing up at work wearing tracksuits, 3/4 shorts or slippers. It made me see the need for educating people about the importance of projecting the right image and how clothing choices can impact how others perceive you. In turn, it also affects the kind of opportunities that come your way.

My passion for creating the right image resulted in friends consulting me whenever they went shopping or needed help with their wardrobe. After some time, I decided to acquire proper training and make it my full-time career. I felt that image consulting was where I could make a mark for myself in the world.

To be where I am now, it took a lot of time and finances to acquire all the necessary training and setting up the business. Often I would burn the midnight oil attending workshops and webinars due to the time difference between the USA and South Africa, where I am based. I have also surrounded myself with business-minded people and Image consultants from all over the world. These help me to understand the business and bounce off ideas.

Every journey has its share of challenges; what were yours? Did you ever feel like giving up? If so, what kept you going?
There is a general misconception with our African people that “Image Consultants are for the politicians, the rich & famous only”, but this not true. Some believe that taking care of your appearance is being superficial, but that is also incorrect. These myths greatly affected the flow of clients in the beginning. To overcome this, I engaged in social media marketing campaigns educating people on image development. I started from the basics, i.e., what image consulting is all about, the importance and different elements that make up an individual’s image and so on. This helped me make mileage, and so, I continue to provide my followers with educational tips.

I generally thrive on challenges, and so I have never felt like giving up since I started. If something is not working out for me, I don’t leave it to chance. I always ask myself how I can make it work?

I love what I do, and despite the challenges I sometimes face along the journey, I am right where I am supposed to be. Giving up this baby of mine will never be an option for me. It gives me so much joy seeing my clients walk away with a newly found self-confidence after our sessions. There is no better feeling than to make my clients feel more confident about their appearance. It is truly fulfilling.

Any notable milestones/achievement you would like to share?
My first online magazine feature with KickAss Boss Lady magazine 2020. It served as confirmation that someone was paying attention and I was going in the right direction. I believe there are many milestones to come so, watch this space.

What is the big picture, i.e., where to from here?
I want to grow my business and make Lush Consulting the first-choice provider of image development and personal branding solutions in Southern Africa.

What word of advice would you like to give to others reading your story?
Whoever you are, whether you are heading up the corporate ladder, a public figure, or taking on the challenge of entrepreneurship, keep in mind that a confident, authentic image is the foundation of your success. Your career, your business and your progress depend on it. You need to pay special attention to it. It can set you apart from your competition, open doors, break down barriers, fill you with confidence and help you achieve your life goals. The impact is real. But for your image to be beneficial, it must show off your tastes, personality, values, goals and work with your lifestyle. Refuse the temptation to copy & paste (imitating/mimicking other people). I know it is not easy to get that right look if fashion is not your strength, so don’t struggle alone. That is why professionals like me are there to help you figure out the look that’s perfect for you.

Interesting Fact: I am obsessed with the colour gold. You will see it appearing a lot in my wardrobe, my home, and my business. I also a bag and shoe addict, I spend more on them than I do on clothes.

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